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Mt. Dainichi is located in the southeast ofHakusan., and its peak area is belonging to Hakusan National Park. This mountain was opened by the great priest Taicho in the year of717, and it is known as a mountain of faith.
At the top, Dainithi-Nyorai(name of a buddah) is enshrined, and Mt.Hakusan and Mt.Bessann are seen in a line. Also, the Northern Alpas is seen distantly.
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There is a legend regarding the name of mountain Long time ago, there was a big eagle at the deep source of the Nagara river, and this eagle tormented the inhabitants. The emperor of Japan ordered a general named Yoriyasu Fujiwara toconquer the eagle, and the general accomplished the order with his bow and a sword, and presented a chicken of eagle to the emperor.
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